Raised floor applications

Cleaning room raised floor

The clean room is a super clean environment. It not only controls ventilation, filtration, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and ionization, but also controls the materials and other parameters in the environment. The cleanliness of a clean room is determined by the number of suspended particles in the air. The primary measurement unit for particles is micrometers, which is 10-6 meters, which is roughly equivalent to 0.000039 inches.

It is very necessary to control the generation of static charge in a clean room. Static electricity may affect production, or it may cause automation equipment to fail due to electromagnetic interference. The electrostatic attraction (ESA) generated by static electricity will also reduce the amount of particle adhesion on the surface. Electrostatic charge is closely related to surface contamination of products and tools, which makes ESA more and more important. For example, after a 4-inch wafer is charged with 1000V static electricity, the electrostatic attraction strength to a particle with a diameter of 1 micron is as high as 830000 psi. It can be seen that the electrostatic attraction of a charged body is much higher than gravity, airflow and adhesion. Anti-static floor is an important anti-static material for clean rooms.

The specially customized cement-free steel floor meets the dust-free requirements of the clean room.


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