Raised floor applications

Hedsom Office bare finish raised floor system applications

OA network floor is a kind of modular raised floor. The structure of this floor is made of high-quality steel plate after stretching and spot welding. It is installed on a metal base support, and there is a horizontal support in the middle of the support. This kind of floor is generally used in office buildings and offices, so that the office space can be divided at will. The OA network floor can adjust the office requirements at will without affecting the overall layout, which effectively reduces the cost of enterprise decoration and operation. Laying OA network floor in the office is also convenient for wiring, simple installation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, environmental protection, long service life, and lower maintenance costs in the future.

The partition wall system can be built directly on the surface of the OA network floor.

OA network floor meets the complex wiring needs of intelligent buildings.

Raised floors with beveled walls require input cutting, special reinforcement and treatment.

Raised floor with cabling trunk. This kind of cable trunk is made of thick steel plate, and with more pedestal to support.

Hedsom OA bare finish raised floor with indepent aluminum cast head pedesatl system is a economy solution.


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