Raised floor applications

Data Center raised floor application

The anti-static floor is an important part of the data center. At present, the form of anti-static raised floor is commonly used. The air-conditioning and ventilation system provides air cooling equipment under the floor, and the floor is insulated to achieve maximum energy saving efficiency.

In order to prevent the negative effects of static electricity on the equipment in the computer room, more and more users consider installing anti-static raised floors, which not only simplifies the installation, but also provides greater flexibility for later equipment upgrades and capacity expansion.

Anti-static raised floor is also called dissipative static floor. When it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge can be dissipated. According to the "GB50174-2017 Data Center Design Specification", the surface resistance value or volume resistance value of the anti-static floor should be 2.5X 10^6~1.0 X 10^9Ω, and it should have fire resistance, environmental protection, dirt and wear resistance.

Large-scale computer rooms all require lightning protection grounding systems. Copper foil is laid on the ground and connected to supports and equipment. This is a lightning protection grounding system for static electricity to enter the building to achieve an effective anti-static function.

This is the Shenzhen Broadcasting and Television Project. The finished floor height is 600mm. Calcium sulphate raised floor with HPL have good loading capacity.

The flexible arrangement of the anti-static ventilation plate allows precise air supply and cooling of related equipment.

Cable trays are used under the anti-static raised floor to arrange cables reasonably, which maximizes the use of space efficiency and facilitates later maintenance

Insulation with aluminum foil is stick on the ground floor, and all the pedestals are insert into the 25mm thick insulation sheet.

Copper tape supporter is fix on the insulation materail by expansion bolt to lift the copper tape (30mm width, 3mm thick) to for the shielding solutions.

Ups room raised floor with HPL and ventilation panel.

Corridor of the tele communicaiton data center

The earthing wire from the cabint rack will be connect to the shielding net in the data center.

Copper foild cross network is stick under pedestal for better conductive the static in the raised floor system to the building earthing system. 

The anti-seismic structure design in the earthquake area, with double-layer brackets, can better prevent the impact of seismic waves on the machine room.

32323.jpg1619243188522089.pngIn the computer room, copper tapes are used as equalizing belts and local equipotential connections, and are reliably connected with the earth grid to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

So data center is a systematic working. It is consist of many different facilities. Raised floor is import part of the data center. Hedsom raised floor provide a the special underfloor cabling system solution and underfloor ventilation system.


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