Raised floor applications

E-Teaching room raised floor

The harm of static electricity to computers and other equipment in electronic classrooms cannot be underestimated. The presence of static electricity will lightly cause instantaneous changes in the potential of precision components in computers and other equipment, resulting in loss or change of information in the memory. In severe cases, individual components or even the entire equipment will malfunction or be completely damaged. Static electricity can also cause psychological irritability to teachers and students, affect the physical and mental health of operators, and reduce learning efficiency.

     Although computers, peripherals, and network equipment themselves all carry out anti-static design on components and circuits, it is not enough to rely on these measures alone. When building an electronic classroom, measures must be taken to reduce the source of static electricity in accordance with relevant standards and reduce the possible impact of static electricity on the electronic classroom. These measures mainly include electrostatic grounding, electrostatic shielding, and installation of anti-static flooring.

The electric classroom of Guangzhou Medical University uses ceramic anti-static floor, which is durable, and the floor is flat and easy to clean.

Lightning protection grounding system for electric teaching classroom


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