Bare finish steel RF-600

Office area normally used bare finish raised floor system. The carpet tile or SPC tile will be cover on the top surface of bare finish raised floor. 600*600*33mm bare finish steel raised floor have good loading capacity, and good performance and stability.

Hedsom Steel raise floor (bare finish OA600)

Product consist       

Bare steel raised floor panel is made of good quality cold-rolled steel sheet with foaming cement fully filled. The  bottom is high quality deep stretch coil steel plate. The top is  cold rolled hard plate. The top steel plate and bottom steel plate are spot-welded to form a high quality shell. The shell is treated by phosphate and painted with epoxy powder coating. Then foaming cement will be filled into the shell. After curing, the structure will be stable and strong to support the designed loading capacity . The access floor panel has high strength and high durability.

Bare finish steel raised floor is widely used in the cabling area for the high standard office.It is good for cabling and other facility concealed under the floor panel.


Product charactors 

1. Made of steel plate, high mechanical strength, high loading capacity, good fire resistance.

2. Epoxy power painting on surface, matt and soft, wear resistant and anti-corrosion.

3. Covering is glued under high pressure.  Multiple choices and good decorated surface. Wear resistant and anti scratch, excellent electrical conductivity, anti pollution and easy cleaning.

4. High dimensional accuracy,  interchangeable, flexible assembly, easy maintenance.

5. Products can be upgraded or adjusted according to the loading requirements.


Loading capacity 


It is widely used in all kinds of high-end occasions with anti-static requirements, load-bearing requirements, fire-proof requirements and paving effect requirements, such as banks, telecommunications computer rooms, intelligent offices, high-end computer rooms, and military command centers.

loading capacity

Floor Covering-Capert tile   

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