ESD Ceramic tile floor

ESD Ceramic tile floor

ESD Ceramic tile floor

Product consist       

ESD Ceramic tile floor is made of ceramic tile with conductive elements.


Product charactors 

1. Made of steel plate, high mechanical strength, high loading capacity, good fire resistance.

2. Interchangeable with wood core panel/calcium sulphate panel

3. Provide superior cooling for managing heat loads in mission critical facilities

4, The ventilation rate will be 17%~45% and can satisfy different requirements of cleaning room.


Loading capacity 


It is widely used in all kinds of high-end occasions with anti-static requirements, load-bearing requirements, fire-proof requirements and paving effect requirements, such as banks, telecommunications computer rooms, intelligent offices, high-end computer rooms, and military command centers.

loading capacity

Epoxy Coating      

The grill have too big ventilation, so it is not easy to stick HPL or PVC covering. Epoxy coating is the best way for the panel finish.

Control valves      

Detailed Drawing  


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