Raised floor applications

Casino raised floor

The overseas legal gambling casinos are mainly in Las Vegas, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, Da Nang, Cambodia and other countries. The casino gaming area has a relatively large flow of people and high wiring requirements, so it is basically required to use a heavy-duty raised floor system. In the early days, some casinos used light-weight raised floor systems in order to save costs. Later, the floors were deformed or poorly connected, resulting in relatively loud floor noise and affecting customer experience. Therefore, the large casinos in Las Vegas, the United States purchase heavy duty raised floors from FS1250~FS2000 to meet the needs of a large number of visitors, as well as the upgrading and rewiring of electronic entertainment equipment in the later period.

Construction site of heavy-duty raised floor in Macau's large casino gaming area

Construction site of raised floor for medium-sized casino in Philippines

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